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Flue Liners & Ancillaries

High Quality Flue Liners & Ancillaries for Masonry Chimneys

Flue-liners and Ancillaries

The flue, or chimney, is just as important as the stove itself. If your existing masonry chimney has deteriorated over its lifetime, you need to reline it to make it safe, the diameter and grade you reline, depends upon which appliance you want to install.

Most stoves are a 6" liner, larger stoves are often a 7" liner. Open fires, big stoves and fireboxes often require and 8".-12" diameter flue liner. A specialist will normally assess and specify your flue system, or you can call us to discuss you requirements.

We have been specifying flue systems for many years and understand in-depth what is needed to give you the flue needed to do the job.

Flues can be relined in several different ways, with various materials - from rigid systems like pumice to flexible stainless steel, or even special coatings. Always seek professional advice from a qualified expert on your specific requirements. Please call: 0113 266 0096 for further details, or email: for additional prodcut information.