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Wall hung bathroom products - pros and cons

What are the positives in using wall hung bathroom products.

The examples given here are based on rooms using a minimum of a wall hung basin and wc.

Wall hung bathroom products have shown an increase in popularity year on year over the past decade and I now find that most manufacturers produce as many if not more options within their wall hung ranges as they do in the standard close coupled & pedestal styles.

I suppose when we say "wall hung products" we are really taking about suspended toilets, basins and in my experience, very rarely bidets. The main benefit if utilising wall hung is quite simple, they give the illusion of more space by giving a larger viewing of the floor, create cleaner lines and are more modern, which makes it much easier when designing a contemporary or modern styled bathroom. Above all they are easier to clean and maintain.

By building whats known as a pre-wall (see img.1) to conceal the frames can also create additional space that can be utilised for storage recesses along with concealed cupboards. There are a few brands that now create furniture around bathrooms with a pre wall system, including cupboards, cabinets and storage solutions filled with all the gadgets and gizmos expected in todays bathrooms.


Using a wall hung design including a pre wall will also give you the benfit of hiding all that unsightly pipework, now the first question on most peoples mind is "what if I have a problem / leak". Firstly in an ideal world leaks shouldn't happen, but we all know they do from time to time. To combat this I have used a simple method over the last 15 years of designing bathrooms and its simple, use the best quality products your budget will allow you to buy, you get what you pay for inlife, I've never found an exception to this. By utilising the better products they normally come with serviceable parts and accessibility for maintenance as they are designed for use in a prewall system and for longevity. 

Building a pre wall for wall hung products is really only required when hangin a WC as the cistern needs to be concealed, basins and bidets can be installed without the use of a frame onto a suitable wall, as long as the waste run is possible. Although there are manufacturers such as Geberit who now make a wall hung collection of WC frames where no pre wall is needed, Roca also make a wall hung wc where the cistern is cleverly concealed around the WC bowl, althout both these items are not as flexible in terms of design as standard pre wall design and can be fairly expensive.


The negatives of wall hung bathroom products.

There is of course a negative to everything unfortunately. The main negative to most people is the small additional costs in equipment and installation when using wall hung products, mainly it is the installation that will push up the price, depending on your design it would normally be around an additional £200.00 upwards in labour. There is the space you need if you have to to build a pre wall to conceal the cistern and basin frame, although the wc will finish in approximately the same place the basin will finish further into the room by the depth of the finished wall (although this will not be the case if you are positioning the basin directly on a suitable wall). Apart from design styles and personal preference I really don't have any more negatives to say, I would always go with the fact that there are more positives when designing a bathroom using wall hung products than the standard ranges, down to the functionality and end look.


Things to remember when using wall hung products.

  • Make sure you have suitable space for pipework and waste runs
  • Make sure you set your items at the correct height, you don't want items uncomfortably low or high.
  • Make sure the wall covering / tiles are capable of the pressure when hanging the products & use.
  • Remember to utilise the storage space potential if you are using a pre wall system.



Example of a well designed wall hung bathroom.